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Mayberry’s Maids Las Vegas Premier House Cleaning Service is offering a wide verity of services for your home and office. Call now for a free estimate over the phone. We specialize in House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Window Cleaning and more. If you are Moving out or Moving into your home, we can clean it and make it ready for the next occupant. Mayberry’s Maids detail cleans inside the home and out including Lawn Services, junk cleaning, and Trash removal. Mayberry’s Carpet Cleaning is unique flat rate service has made it easy for our customer to feel great about the carpet cleaning prices they receive in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada. Call Now and ask us about our Free Dry Cleaning delivery services directly to your home at no charge with each visit. Call Now!

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Mayberry's Maids is a Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada Brand not a Franchise

We built the foundation of this company Mayberry's Maids and Carpet Cleaning from hard work, outstanding performance and total dedication. We know that we are not only building our reputation but we are helping to build yours as Well. We take very seriously our roll in Property Management Company, and Property Preservation Services Neighbor and Las Vegas home owner.

Give us a few minutes on the telephone and we will be happy to give you a detailed estimate on House Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, etc. and explain to you our formula and how we can help you save money. You set the standard not us and you can build your own schedule to fit your home and family's needs.

Ready your Home for the next Renter

Moving In or Out? Get your Cleaning Deposit Back!

(702) 474-MAID (6243)

For House Cleaning in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada

We Can Clean Your House, Haul Away The Trash, While Cleaning Your Lawn and Shampoo the Carpet's on our way out your Door... Call Now and See how Mayberry's Maids can Help you with your move with ease.



First Visit or Move Out Cleanings

In some cases as Low as:

(2 Hour Minimum @ $80 Per) or $160.00 

(Two Girls English Speaking Supervisor Using our own Tools and Professional Chemicals.)


  • CLEAN all Restrooms, Kitchen, Halls, Dens, Shelves, Handrails, Doors
  • LIGHT fixtures, ceiling fans, high dusting, pot shelves and A/C vents and filters
  • GLASS doors, interior windows, Closet and other mirrors
  • FLOORS resilient floors will be mopped, carpeting vacuumed while paying attention to the corners and under all appliances
  • DOORS and Jams will be wiped clean
  • INSIDE all cabinets, cupboards, medicine chests, drawers, and closets
  • WALLS and baseboards. Cabinets and kick plates
  • APPLIANCES refrigerators, microwaves, ovens and washer dryer combos, will be cleaned inside and out and pulled away from the wall to clean beneath them
  • Window Sill's Tracks 
  • BLINDS will be wiped down on both sides not just dusted

Call us for a free Quote over the phone

Prices as  for Weekly and Bi-Weekly Services may vary from home to home Each home is subject to survey and may change according to the scope of work

If you Don't know the Square Footage of Your Home 

Each Home is unique and may take more or less time to clean. Mayberry's Maids allows you to prioritize your home in a way that fits your Budget and or time restraints. Give us a call, and we can give you an estimate over the Phone. Mayberry's Maids guaranties our work for 72 house it is our customer's responsibility to contact Mayberry's Maids in the 72 hour period with any work that was missed or completed incorrectly. It is also necessary for you the customer allow Mayberry's Maids to return to the home or office to remedy the problem if in the case you do not allow Mayberry's Maids to return and remedy the uncompleted work you leave Mayberry's Maids released of any obligation to return or any fiduciary responsibility.

Window Cleaning

Mayberry's Window Cleaning

Prices listed below are based on average amount of windows on non custom homes built in Las Vegas and Henderson areas. Some additional work may apply Example: Solar screens Removal or replacement or the cleaning of those screens possible landscape adjustments and scaffolding etc.

1000 Sq. Ft. to 1500 Sq. Ft. (Based on 25 Windows) $280.00
1600 Sq. Ft. to 2400 Sq. Ft. (Based on 30 Windows) $350.00
2500 Sq. Ft. to 3200 Sq. Ft. (Based on 40 Windows) $420.00
Homes Bigger then 3200 Sq. Ft. we must have an accurate count of the windows to quote. We are very willing to come out and give you a free estimate.


Call Now and Find out what best suits your need's in air duct cleaning, Ask us what defines Quality of air, and what your system may or may not need, not what we want to sell. We are up front with our cost why isn't our competition?

1) What does it mean when we say quality of air ?

2) Do you need to clean the condenser each time you clean your Duct's 

3) Do I need to clean my coils each time I clean my DuctsYou will be surprised to find out the real answers to these and many more questions. Call now we are standing by.

Air Duct Cleaning in Las Vegas NV


Mayberry's Office Cleaning Services

Our Commitment to a Job Well Done

Mayberry's Office Cleaning Service worked hard to earn our reputation as a leader in affordable, high caliber cleaning and janitorial services. Our discerning industry standards and consistent results attest to this dedication along with countless satisfied customers. Put our continued diligence and skills to work for you, and receive superb service tailored to meet the individual needs of your home or office. Get the quality, range of cleaning service, and steadfast satisfaction you deserve at a price you can afford.

Our Office Cleaning Services starts at 8¢ per ft.

Call Now at (702) 474-MAID (6243)

Office Cleaning

Service That Shines

Our House Cleaning Service in Las Vegas and Carpet Cleaning professionals make a point to exceed your expectations and earn your repeat business with every task we undertake. You receive safe, effective Maid Service and Office Cleaning Janitorial services for all your Residential Business Maintenance requirements, from licensed personnel and a company that takes your satisfaction seriously. Add sparkle to your home or office with Mayberry's Maids expert house cleaning and janitorial services from our professional cleaning company in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Licensed • Bonded • Insured

"We Are Your Dependable House Cleaning & Business and Office Cleaning Service"
Call NOW and Get a Free over the phone Estimate on Maid Services

We require 24 Hour notice of cancellation. It is the customer's responsibility to contact Mayberry's Maids to reschedule or cancel any visit 24 hours before said visit or there will be a charge of $75 to your credit card. Mayberry's Maids Charges $5 for every one hundred spent if you choose to use a credit card. 

PayPal Accepted Cards Accepted

$5.00 fee for every $100.00 Charged




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