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Mayberry's Maids is in your corner we will accept the call to duty! Mayberry's cleaning technicians are on the front line for YOU, your homes and businesses. Mayberry's Maids has been a Las Vegas and Henderson staple for many years. Call the name you know and trust for your house cleaning Weekly - Bi-Weekly - Monthly or from time to time. We are at your service. See how many services we offer! From disinfecting daycare facilities, retirement homes, offices, etc. Our maids are specially trained to clean and disinfect for virus removal. Mayberry's Maids germicide treatments have been proven to be effective on virus' similar to human coronavirus like COVID 19, Avian, MRSA, hepatitis B and C, influenza A on hard surfaces.

Cost Effective Office Cleaning Leaders 

Even though our customers appreciate our thoroughness and attention to detail, they appreciate the cost-effective cleaning techniques we employ which allows us to provide you with a clean office that does not cost a fortune. By establishing best cleaning practices, we can clean your offices in the most economical means possible. Cost effective office cleaning does not mean we use cheap products nor cut corners. It means cleaning offices in the most cost-effective and economical means possible. We don't provide the most cost-effective office cleaning possible by cutting corners, we offer inexpensive office cleaning by not cutting corners and cleaning offices right the first time. Call us to discuss how we can clean your office, today.

Our staff of cleaning professionals prides themselves on their prompt and professional service. And we know that even the best cleaning plan is worthless if it is not followed through by cleaning staff to execute. This is why at the heart of Commercial Janitorial's office cleaning services is our staff of reliable cleaning professionals in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada that will make sure to follow through on routine cleaning schedules and arrive on time for scheduled or unscheduled cleanings. Being a reliable office cleaner does not mean that we are just a quick office cleaning company, though we do clean offices quickly, it means that our staff knows how to meet cleaning deadlines by careful preparation and planning. When we show up our trained local Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada cleaning staff is ready to clean your office.

Specialized Office Cleaning throughout Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada

Some office cleaning companies have a one size fits all cleaning process. However Commercial Janitorial is different in that we can customize our cleaning process depending on your specialized cleaning needs. Perhaps there are security concerns in cleaning a bank, cleaning a daycare, cleaning a hospital, cleaning a school or cleaning a nursing home. Perhaps there are specialized cleaning procedures or cleaning regulations that need to be followed in cleaning a factory, cleaning a fabrication plant, or cleaning a medical lab. Whatever the specialized cleaning requirements, Commercial Janitorial can create an office cleaning program to meet your needs.

Flexible Las Vegas and Henderson Office Cleaning

Depending on your office hours at your Vegas or Henderson Nevada location, we can schedule office cleaning to be least disruptive to the operation of your facility. If your office is opened during regular Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada business hours we can schedule our Washington DC-based cleaning staff to be available after hours. If your Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada's office is open 24 hours we can schedule office cleaning to be as unobtrusive as possible. If your Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada based facility has noise concerns during certain times we can schedule cleaning during set hours or even perform louder tasks like office vacuuming during non-quiet hours. And of course, if your office security requirements require office cleaning to be supervised during key hours our flexible office cleaning scheduling can accommodate those cleaning needs.

Southern Nevada Safe Office Cleaning Experts

Insurance and bonding minimums of $1,000,000/$100,000 are a must for any professional janitorial company we invite you to verify that your office cleaning contract includes these requirements. Every crew must be trained to operate in very secure environments including your internal regulations and respect for Las Vegas and Henderson regulations and the laws of Nevada's concerning retail facilities, banking offices, and medical buildings (HIPAA). Cleaning crews are required to follow all legal regulations regarding employment eligibility before cleaning your office.

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We require 24 Hour notice of cancellation. It is the customer's responsibility to contact Mayberry's Maids to reschedule or cancel any visit 24 hours before said visit or there will be a charge of $75 to your credit card. Mayberry's Maids Charges $5 for every one hundred spent if you choose to use a credit card.

PayPal Accepted Cards Accepted

$5.00 fee for every $100.00 Charged




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