Included in a Move In/Out Cleaning with Mayberry's Maids

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Interior Walls

1. Clean all smudges and soiled areas, especially near switches, range and sink.
Again each home is different, sometimes trying to remove a smudge from the flat paint can make things appear worse than they were initially. Cleaning walls and baseboards are time-consuming, and most property management companies will consider dirty walls to be normal wear and tear. Also when cleaning walls and baseboards, you must have realistic expectations how clean they can become

Blinds & Drapes

2. Vacuum and wipe clean all blinds and draperies dusting do not always get them clean any good cleaning company like Mayberry‘s Maids will wipe them down with appropriate cleaner by hand. 
Some blinds made of plastic cannot be cleaned. Years of sun have damaged them in a way that they can not be cleaned. 

Ceiling Fans, A/C Vents

Mayberry’s Air Duct Cleaning Is Available As Well

3. Clean all fan blades with a towel and appropriate cleaner.  
4. Clean all air conditioner vents and replace filters if applicable.
5. Clean all vents and ventilators including those in the kitchen and bathrooms.


6. Clean all light fixtures with appropriate cleaner and towel dust if necessary.

Kitchen Fixtures

7. Defrost and clean refrigerator including shelves, drawers, and gaskets,
8. Clean Stove and Oven. Do not use oven cleaner on self-cleaning ovens.
9. Clean cabinets/drawers, pantry shelves and doors inside and out.
10. Clean all tile floors including areas beneath movable appliances.
11. De-grease or change hood fan filter when necessary (the customer usually supplies).


12. Clean toilet, basin sink, shower/tub. No soap film or mildew in the grout.
Some grout must be cleaned with high pressure washer depending on the level of cleanliness.
13. Clean cabinet, shelves, and drawers including any closet shelves and doors inside and out remove contact paper if it applies.
14. Wash and clean shower doors including the tracks.

15. Scrub bathroom floor with special attention to the corners and edges.
16. Make sure bathtub stoppers are in working order or replaced. 

Carpets & Floors

17. Vacuum carpets or have them professionally cleaned
18. Other types of floors should be thoroughly cleaned paying close attention to the edges and corners.

Windows & Screens

19. Clean and properly reinstall screens if they are down.  
20. Clean windows, sills, sliding glass doors and tracks. Exterior windows optional.
This is not always something a Management company will require. The window to be cleaned this thoroughly may vary by owner. Each cleaning should however, include sliding glass doors and any doors that have windows in them.

Exterior & Entry

21. Clean and de-grease parking stalls or driveway/garage.
22. Sweep and clean all balconies, patios, sidewalks, and garage.
23. Trim, weed and clean yard.
24. Remove all trash, rubbish, and miscellaneous items from the property.

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